(A)Donate To My Campaign

(B)A message of appeal to donation and how important their help is. Asking for a small amount will render a quantity of donations which helps builds your base of people who have “bought into” your campaign; Thus, you have their contact info and can ask them for help in other ways as well as more money.

Example: Thank you so much for your interest in donating to my campaign!  You donation of any amount is greatly appreciated.  Your support will allow us to help spread our message of the vision I have to help our community to continue to grow and develop with a financially responsible, smart plan.  

If you would like to support my campaign, you may donate in two ways outlined below:

For the form below, we will need:

(C)Paypal or other payment service information to send people to so that they can donate

When they hit subit on the form below, they will the be taken to a page where they can enter an amount to donate. 

Donor Information For Our Records

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(N)Provide all of the following

Phone: 123-123-1234

Email Address: Candidate@website.com

Website: Website-Address.com

Facebook: Facebook/candidatepage