(B)Here you’ll provide some background, education, occupation, qualifications, and family information on the candidate. Explain what motivated the candidate to run for office (focus on solutions and not existing problems). Talk about volunteer positions, board positions and other community services the candidate has been involved in. 

  • Here are some questions you might want to answer:
  • What unique perspective would bring to the postion?
  • What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the community you will serve? 
  • What is your plan to address these challenges?
  • What are the critical differences between you and the other candates seeking this post?
  • What other issues define your campaign platform?
  • What accomplishment sin yoru past would you cite as evidence you can handle the job?


(C)At least one photo of family but we recommend several photos that put a human touch that peopel can relate to.


3 + 9 =


(N)Provide all of the following

Phone: 123-123-1234

Email Address: Candidate@website.com

Website: Website-Address.com

Facebook: Facebook/candidatepage